Yingying Li

MD 321, 33 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA 02138 · yingyingli (at) g.harvard.edu

I am a fourth year Ph.D. student at Harvard SEAS. I'm working with Prof. Na Li.

My research lies in online learning, multi-armed bandit, reinforcement learning, decentralized control, and mechanism design with applications in smart grid.


  • Online Learning for Markov Decision Processes in Nonstationary Environments: A Dynamic Regret Analysis

Yingying Li, Na Li​

Submitted to American Control Conference (ACC) 2019

  • Online Optimization with Predictions and Switching Costs: Fast Algorithms and the Fundamental Limit

Yingying Li, Guannan Qu, Na Li​

Submitted to Transactions on Automatic Control [arXiv preprint] [pdf]

  • Learning and Selecting the Right Customers for Reliability: A Multi-armed Bandit Approach

Yingying Li, Qinran Hu, Na Li​

Control and Decision Conference 2018 [pdf]

  • Using Predictions in Online Optimization with Switching Costs: A Fast Algorithm and A Fundamental Limit

Yingying Li, Guannan Qu, Na Li​

American Control Conference (ACC) 2018 [pdf]

  • Mechanism Design for Reliability in Demand Response with Uncertainty

Yingying Li, Na Li​

American Control Conference (ACC) 2017 [pdf]

  • Growing Optimal Scale-free Networks via Likelihood

Michael Small, Yingying Li, Thomas Stemler, Kevin Judd

Physical Review E 91, no. 4 (2015): 042801 [pdf]